You May Be Feeding Your Kid’s Smartphone Addiction


Our children are the biggest copycats. By watching what we do – our behaviours, actions and mannerisms – they learn a great deal about how to react to the world around them. As such, it is only natural that they pick up our bad habits along with the good ones – like our smartphone addiction.

How can you work together as a family to kick the habit?

Turn off your notifications.

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We’re not saying to turn of your notifications all the time; just when it matters. Sure, it may be hard at first, but the psychological and health implications of the phenomenon known as technoferance (disruption caused by technology) are profound. 

Moreover, checking your notifications during important moments like family dinner and outings can signal to your children that they’re in the clear to behave similarly too. As such, it can be useful to create a set of ground rules when it comes to device use (especially during family time) which everyone (yes, you too) follows.

Get some phone-free shut-eye.

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What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? For many of us, our mornings may look like this:

*Phone alarm goes off*

*Snooze the alarm* x5 (every 5 minutes)

*Fully awake after turning off the 6th alarm*

*Phone in hand, you proceed to scroll through Instagram, check your flurry of emails, read the news etc.*

So basically, you start your day off with your eyes trained on your tiny screen. This may be true for your little one as well. 

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Fight yours and your kid’s smartphone addiction by starting the day off screen-free! Get your entire family alarm clocks and encourage a phone-free sleep and rise. That way, there will be no temptation to check your devices in the morning!

Choose life over screens.

Have you ever wondered how much time you and your kids are spending on your smart devices? Sure, there are apps that track screen usage a day. What about over your entire lifetimes? What are you trading off over your life by staring at a tiny screen? 

That’s exactly the question we asked ourselves and the reason why we developed and launched The Plano Timemachine. In essence, it calculates in 60s, how much time you will spend staring at your tiny screen, over your entire lifetime. Beyond that, it gives you a personalised recommendation on how to improve your results. 

The first step to solving any problem is realising it exists in the first place. If you feel that your kid’s smartphone addiction is getting out of hand, as a first step, get them to try the Time Machine and see the real impacts their devices will have on their lives! A little insight will go a long way – empower them to choose their lives over screens!

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