What Else Can Be Done About Murky Eyes?


In Trouble in Murktown, our heroes reminded us to take breaks from our bottle-bottle screens. But is there something else that we can do to take care of our eyes?

Checking on those murky eyes

The first book, Trouble in Murktown, brought us readers on an eye-opening adventure through Murktown. Zed and Zee used their Clear Vision power to lift the fog from Murktown and inspired its residents to take breaks from their Bottle-Bottle screens.

Taking breaks from our Bottle-Bottle screens are a good way to help give our eyes a break, but what happens when our eyes still continue being murky (blurry)? Well, getting your eyes checked is your best bet!

An eye check is one of the best ways to prevent myopia from progressing. During an eye check, an optometrist will arrange some tests to be done on your eyes. These tests include vision acuity tests, colour vision tests, and many more. These tests help your optometrist determine the likelihood of contracting myopia, or on the progress of your myopia.

Why eye checks are important

Attending an annual eye check has a profound impact on your eye health and overall well-being. Just like how we tend to visit the dentist once (and maybe even twice) a year, we should make it point to visit the optometrist yearly.

Bringing our children to visit an optometrist can help examine if their eyes are ready for school. Most of our children’s learning and extra-curricular activities require good eyesight. From reading the white board to participating in activities like swimming and dancing, having good eyesight is always a plus. If any eye health ailments are found, an optometrist can help treat these issues immediately before it progresses further.

If your child is affected with myopia, visiting an optometrist yearly also helps to monitor its development. Children who are afflicted with myopia at a young age tend to experience a rapid decline in their eye health as they get older. If this goes unchecked for extended periods of time, your child may grow to become more susceptible to high myopia. Therefore, attending regular and timely eye checks is important to determine your child’s progression of myopia and even other eye health maladies. If you would like to attend an eye check, you can book an appointment here!

What about the citizens of Murktown?

Now, imagine if the citizens of Murktown each received an eye check – how would they fare? Will they have perfect 20-20 vision, or will they be affected with myopia? Whatever it is, as long as they continue practicing the Clear Vision Recipe, their eyes will definitely be in good stead! The same goes for you and your children – it’s important to practice all the ingredients in the Clear Vision Recipe to safeguard your eyes from myopia.

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