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Increasing levels of myopia linked to environmental trends

There are worries that the surging number of people with myopia, commonly known as short-sightedness, could be linked to an environmental trend rather than pure genetics.

Psych Central

How Do Smartphones Affect Childhood Psychology?

Have you noticed what seems like an epidemic of people who are glued to their smartphone’s soft glow?


Young People Are Sleeping With Their Phones. Their Parents Are Sleeping With People.

Do you snuggle up in bed with your smartphone instead of your significant other? If you’ve fallen asleep with an electronic device, you’re not alone.

plano Life

Half the world myopic by 2050

A silent epidemic has been sweeping the world, affecting the health of millions.

Cloudy Skies Ahead: Myopia against the Air Force

Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia, being dwarfed in size and population compared to neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia.

Too much device time can set your eyes on fire

“Don’t watch too much television, or your eyes will become square!”

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Kaiser Family Foundation

Generation M-squared: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds

Eight- to eighteen-year-olds spend more time with media than in any other activity besides (maybe) sleeping—an average of more than 7½ hours a day, seven days a week.

British Journal of General Practice

Virtually addicted: why general practice must now confront screen dependency

High screen time is increasingly considered an independent risk factor of ardiometabolic disease, unfavourable child development outcomes, and adult morbidity and mortality, ultimately placing greater pressure on primary care services.

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics Announces New Recommendations for Children’s Media Use

Today’s children grow up immersed in digital media, which has both positive and negative effects on healthy development.

Opinion Pieces

Victoria Prooday

The silent tragedy affecting today’s children

Digitally distracted parents, sedentary indoor lifestyle, inadequate sleep, etc are some of the factors which resulted in an increase in child mental health problems including depression, ADHD, suicide rate.

The Telegraph

Are smartphones making our children mentally ill?

Leading child psychotherapist Julie Lynn Evans believes easy and constant access to the internet is harming youngsters.

What do experts think?

Health experts explain why "just getting glasses" for myopia is no longer good enough and what's driving myopia.

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Moms You Definitely Need This App to Control Myopia of Kids

plano review by parent blog RainbowDiaries.


Parental Control Apps Review

Tired of always worrying and looking over your kids’ shoulder when they’re using smart devices? Look no further than these apps to keep their device habits in check.

The Plano Adventures

Book 5

Out of Order

Professor Plano, Zed and Zee are on Lord Myopic’s trail!

Book 4

Attack of the Cybugs

The Wood Wide Web is a ghost town. No one goes out or talks to each other, and the children hide in their tree houses all day long.

Book 3

The Never-Ending Game

Something is very wrong in Nettown.

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