Unlike Games, Reality Doesn’t Come With An Extra Life


For some, there’s no pressing pause on games and this can come with some detrimental consequences.

“You know you are in a game and this isn’t real, right?”

Said by the one and only, Professor Plano.

Games serve as a great escape from our daily stressors – from fantasy realms to compelling storylines, the games that we play open up a portal to another world. However, some people are unable to exit that portal. Just like how Zed literally got sucked into the game in The Never Ending Game, some gamers struggle to press pause on their games.

According to Business Insider Singapore, Singaporeans spend 7.44 hours each week playing video games. Notably, it was found that 51% of Singaporean sacrificed sleep, while over 38% skipped meals, and even 31% missed a shower just to play games. It was also found that 37% chose to play games over socialising with their loved ones. Based on these staggering statistics, it’s obvious that games can consume a person’s life to the point where everything else surrounding them blurs into the background.

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When a person’s life becomes enmeshed with the games they play, it can be difficult to escape the virtual clutches of the glowing screen. Such is the life of a teenager named KC, who recounted his experience with gaming addiction on Channel News Asia. The teenager admitted that he struggled with gaming addiction for 4 years. During these trying 4 years, his love for games affected his relationships with his family. Resultantly, his family took drastic measures to curb his addiction. KC finally attended a 7-month treatment to overcome his gaming addiction in 2016. 

Games come with an extra life, but your life doesn’t.

When you lose a game, you can easily restart it and try again. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that. As demonstrated, gaming addiction can cause you to lose out on a lot of chances in real life – from socialising with your loved ones, to taking care of your own health. And once these opportunities are lost, you won’t be able to get these chances back.

In The Never Ending Game, after Zed is saved by Professor Plano and Zee, they still have to defeat the Grand Master of the game – Lord Myopic! Lord Myopic hopes to trap everyone in the game, and it’s up to our heroes to thwart his plans. Fortunately, our heroes manage to find a way to do so. They remind the rest of the players who were trapped in the game to use their MyPower to take control of their games. After all, we are the ones who are in control of the game, not the other way round.

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Gaming addiction has been classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a mental health disease. If you, or someone you know is affected by gaming addiction, please consult your nearest medical health professional for help. 

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