Toss The Devices, Pick Up The Books And Read With Your Child!


Digital books fit this digital age. While convenient, digital books can’t beat the smell of a fresh new book.

Fresh off the shelves.

Remember the last time you got a physical copy of a brand new book? The crisp untouched pages, that distinctive paper smell, the clean, unstained covers. Now where’s all that when you download a book on your Kindle? Now, we’re not anti-ebooks – they are convenient and lightweight! And, you can store tons of e-books in one device, so you don’t have to carry around 3 different paperback books at once. However, the benefits of reading an actual physical copy of a book can go a long way, especially for your child.

Let’s bring paper back.

It’s been revealed by researchers that reading from a paperback book with your child provides a better reading experience. When parents read to their children using a digital device, toddlers are more distracted by the light emitted from the device, or notifications that appear. A study conducted by the University of Michigan found that children interact more with the story when parents read from a physical book.

In contrast, there was less discussion of the story when e-books were read. Majority of the conversation was governed by questions about the device, and parents had to constantly remind their children not to press any buttons or touch the screen. This detracted from the story itself and made the reading experience less effective than reading from a physical book.

The study also found that these interactions between the parent, the child, and the story are all integral to your child’s literacy skills. It helps them with early text recognition and encourages memory and learning of key phrases and stories.

What’s more, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), we should limit our children’s screen time. Specifically for children between 1 to 2 years of age, they shouldn’t have any screen time at all. It’s recommended that parents read books to them instead.

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