The Solution To Your Child’s Smartphone Addiction


What do you do when they just can’t peel their eyes off the screen?

A world in the palm of their hands.

Smart devices have allowed our children to be a swipe, tap, and ping away from endless information and entertainment. We parents have been there before – the moment they get their little palms on a tablet or a smartphone, we’ve lost them to the world of cyberspace. Sometimes, it can be difficult to peel them away from the screens and this could sometimes be met with tantrums and whining.

While each parent has a different way of handling our child’s screen time, one of the greatest ways to manage their device use is to get into the device itself. How? Through parental control apps.

The app age.

From fitness to finance, there are a plethora of apps to help you manage different aspects of your life. Parental control apps are just another type of app that help to keep your child’s screen time in check and for good reason. According to plano’s latest reports, children are spending up to 16 hours a day glued to their devices. Prolonged screen time can eventually contribute to a variety of health issues! Check out the infographic below to find out more about the effects of excessive screen time on our health.

Contrary to the belief that parental control apps are used to spy on your child’s online movements, such apps are more geared towards helping your child manage their overall screen time. The plano app is one example. What sets the plano app apart however, is its dual function to manage your child’s myopia progression while monitoring their screen time.

How does the plano app do this?

The plano app comes equipped with a variety of visual health and parental control features, but here are 3 noteworthy plano app functions that can help you manage your child’s smartphone addiction:

1. Device break reminders

The app reminds your child to take a break from the screens every 30 minutes with device break reminders. During this time, your child won’t be able to use his/her device for 1-2 minutes and can take a quick eye break from the screens. That way, your child will be able to rest his/her eyes and relieve them from the strain of using his/her device for prolonged periods of time.

2. Set device schedules

You can use the plano app to set device times on your child’s phone. For instance, you can schedule a no-device time during dinner or family-bonding time. During this time, your child will not be able to access his/her device so that your child will be able to focus on other activities away from the screen.

3. Block apps*

Are there any particular apps that are taking your child’s attention? Perhaps it’s a certain gaming app that’s been taking up all of your child’s time and you just want him/her to take a few hours off. Well, the plano app’s block apps function will allow you to do this seamlessly! Using the plano app, you can choose which apps your child will not have access to. Your child will not be allowed to use the app as long as the app has been blocked using plano.

What’s more, if your child follows all the reminders and prompts in the plano app, he/she earns points! These points can then be used to request for fun device-free activities from the plano shop** – a great way for your child to spend time away from the screen.

Download plano here to enjoy the full suite of vision health and parental control features now!

*Subject to your device’s technical capabilities.

**Only available to Singapore plano users.

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