The Digital Parent For Digital-Age Parents: Parent Apps


Who else’s children are growing up in the digital age? Well, for the 21st century parent, most of our children are. And, we probably need digital help like parent apps to monitor our child’s smart device use.

Who likes being controlled?

No one. No one likes being controlled, especially not our children who just want their own freedom on the internet. Sometimes however, it’s more than necessary. In today’s tech age, every device user has access to an overabundance of information and entertainment, our children included. It’s easy for our children to get sucked into this internet vortex and then struggle to get out of it. That’s when their screen time starts to border on dangerous.

Excessive screen time can be a cause of concern for our children’s eye health as it can lead to eye health anomalies. What can we do about it though? We can’t just take their devices away from them because these devices practically supplement their daily lives – from school work to connecting with friends, it’s just part of the 21st century. And there’s no way around it. Thankfully, parent apps can help.

A blessing in disguise for our children’s eyes.

What are the repercussions of screen time though? And how do parent apps help?  According to a report produced by plano, prolonged periods spent looking at the screen can cause Digital Eye Strain (DES). DES is a recognised eye and vision health problem. A common symptom of DES is dry, tired eyes. Parent apps can help to manage this.

Technology is innovative. Today, we live in an era where parent apps have functions to monitor your child’s daily eyecare habits on top of the already present app blocking features. plano is one such app. The app caters to parents and children of the digital age. It encourages children to take ownership of their own device use and practice daily eye care habits. In turn, parents get to relax while knowing that their child’s eyes are in safe hands. The app prompts children to use their devices at a safe distance, and take regular eye care breaks to prevent DES. Additionally, your child gets to earn points which they can use to request for outdoor activities and enrichment classes offered in the app.

Parent apps aren’t all restrictive and unpleasant. Although they do sometimes dampen your child’s fun on the internet, it is a necessary “evil” (for them, at least). These apps can benefit your little one in the long run, and lift a load off your shoulder. Now, you don’t have to continuously look over junior’s shoulder to make sure he’s using the phone in a correct manner. You could just use an app.

What a time to be alive.

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