Spectacles for the first time? Here are some tips!


Tips for helping your child adjust to their new glasses.

Wearing glasses is a big change for many children and getting them used to it can be tricky. There are plenty of reasons why a child may find it uncomfortable to wear glasses. For example, he may feel self-conscious or sometimes even embarrassed about their new appearance.

As parents, what we need to do is to help our children feel comfortable and confident with wearing glasses. When our children believe they look good wearing glasses, their self–confidence would automatically be boosted and he or she will not create a fuss about their new look!

Here are some tips for parents who need a little help to get their child adjusted to wearing glasses:

1. Let them pick their own glasses.

This is the first step to get your child excited about their new and essential accessory. Make glasses shopping a fun experience and offer them necessary advice and guidance but in the end, empower them with their own choice of glasses!

2. Make it trendy.

The wide range of glasses sold today in terms of frame shapes and colours is just mind-boggling. Help them explore new eyewear trends so that they feel fashionable! Who says glasses have to be nerdy?

3. Make sure it’s comfortable.

While fashionable glasses may help boost your child’s confidence, equal effort, if not more, should be dedicated to finding a comfortable pair. The lenses should be made of polycarbonate and the frame should be lightweight to avoid the risk of an eye injury while playing sports or other activities. After their pair of glasses are ready, take them to the optician to adjust the fit.

4. Offer Positive Encouragement.

Praise and encourage your child when they wear their glasses for the first time. Pile on the compliments and make them feel good about their new look!

5. Celebrity credibility.

Sometimes, having trendy glasses is not enough validation for some children. Try showing your child pictures or videos of his or her favourite celebrity wearing glasses. Seeing popular stars wearing glasses is a powerful tool for children to be comfortable with their new eyewear.

6. Make glasses a part of their routine.

Introduce the habit of wearing their glasses first thing in the morning and taking them off the last thing at night to build a routine. If this proves too challenging, start off with having him or her wear their glasses for short periods of time. Also, do not constantly nag your child about wearing their glasses and make it an enjoyable affair.

7. Explain the benefits.

Make children aware of the benefits of wearing glasses for better vision. Doing activities that help them appreciate the improvement in their vision like reading, painting or other tasks that require clear vision. Of course, don’t forget to take eye breaks!

What if they’re bullied for wearing glasses?

Bullying can be a big blow to your child’s self-esteem. If you find that your child is being bullied for wearing glasses, a good next step is to have an open conversation about bullying. Provide a listening ear for him or her and explain to them that glasses are not the root cause of why the bullying is happening. Explain to your child the reasons why some children bully others. If the bullying happens frequently, talk to your child’s teacher and work with him to stop the bullying.     

The bottom-line is that it is vital for children who need glasses to see clearly to wear them when needed. While as a parent, the initial period of getting your child used to their new glasses can be challenging, do not give up as in the long run, your child will grow up to have a strong, healthy set of eyes.

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