Preventing Myopia,
the Smart Way

Preventing Myopia,
the Smart Way


Health talks for children on adverse health outcomes arising from inappropriate phone/tablet use.


Proactive adoption of good eye care habits with knowledge on the human eye and its visual system.


Science and health education for children made fun through interactive talks with participation.

Community services

Plano reaches out to schools and corporate communities to address myopia, phones/tablets addiction, better screen time management and more. All to help curb the myopia epidemic and excessive smart device use.


We deliver science based health talks in schools about the basic structures of the eye, myopia, and easy-to-practise steps for responsible phone/tablet use. These interactive health talks are catered for primary school students and accommodate the attendance of teachers and parents.

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Promote a healthy workplace with Plano's specially tailored workplace health programs. Designed to share best practices on workplace vision health and appropriate computer, smartphone and tablet use for adults.

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The future of myopia management.

Plano aims to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) and big data analytics to help in the early detection and management of myopia in children.

Plano is part of the AI revolution. We use the latest in machine learning and big data analytics to use your child's smart device usage, eye health history and other data to predict whether they are likely to develop myopia, and how severe their myopia might become. This gives you the best chance to intervene early to protect their vision.

Coupled with the use of machine learning techniques and our vast and real-time database, we can predict with excellent accuracy, the risk of the development and progression of myopia in children.

Using prescriptive analytics, we are also able to recommend management options to help slow the progression of myopia.

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