Putting The ‘Mom’ In Every Picture-Perfect Moment: The Instamom


She’s photogenic, her children look adorable, and everything looks on point (#goals). But there’s always more than meets the eye to the glamorous life of the Instamom.

Don’t want to miss a thing.

We always describe our young ones as digitally-charged individuals who can’t live without uploading the latest minute of their lives online, but they’re not the only ones. Adults can get caught in the vortex of the social media storm too, like parent influencers, or more commonly referred to as the Instamom.

For Instamoms, posting photos of their little ones can be a fulfilling experience – from capturing the beautiful moments to documenting their growth, creating a photograph log of your child’s journey can be enjoyable. And we see the value in it – after all, your little one’s childhood only lasts for so long. Snapping and uploading these fleeting moments also serve to update their faraway loved ones of their child’s growth.

Is it always #nofilter?

While we’d like to believe that every photo of a child with a wide-grin is a candid one, the reality paints a different story. We mums might be familiar with the struggle of taking a posed picture of a child – the restlessness, the whining, the breakdowns. How do these Instamoms combat that? And at what cost?

Mommy-blogger, Lauren, has described the process of trying to appear authentic and beautiful in pictures as “exhausting” and one that involved “kid-bribery” (think extra candy, dessert for dinner, etc.).  After all, viewers love seeing adorably-dressed, beautifully-posed photos of children.

Not everything can be covered with a beautiful filter however. Herein lies the trap of over-sharing your child’s life on social media. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with posting a picture of your little bundle of joy, raising your child online for strangers to see however can welcome unnecessary online criticism and pressure.

Lauren herself faced the brunt of comparisons made by critics and other hurtful assumptions. In the end, Lauren felt that she was posting pictures for the sake of “other peoples’ entertainment”.  Another famous Instamom of 4 children from the UK was subjected to trolling, and criticized for ‘selling her daughters’. These are just some of the consequences hidden behind every beautiful Instamom post you encounter on social media.

Enjoy the photos, but enjoy the moment for what it is more.

Smartphones and social media are fun, but we need to remember that it doesn’t control our life. We don’t have to lead the manicured Instamom life on social media with picture-perfect moments all the time. Sure, we’d want to snap a picture or two of our little ones smiling, because we want that moment to last a lifetime. And if we do, that’s great!

But if we don’t, that’s fine too because here’s the thing – some of the best moments in life go uncaptured by the camera. Not every moment in life has to be a poised, picture-perfect snap. Sometimes, all we have to do is let go of the screens, and take a simple mental snap of the beautiful moments that our children share with us.

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