Mobile Phone Myths Busted: What do Mummies Say About Mobile Phones?


1. Sleeping with your phone can cause cancer.

Not true!

Although the World Health Organisation (WHO) has concluded that the radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted from your mobile phones is harmless, this does not rule out potential health implications completely. For now, we can take comfort in knowing there is currently no conclusive evidence that RD radiation causes any form of cancer in humans.

While more research needs to identify potential health implications, exercise caution and try to place it away from your bed!

2. Charging your phone overnight may cause it to explode.

Again, not true!

Charging your phone overnight is fine because modern smartphones are designed to stop taking in more current than necessary. The danger is only present when you charge it under your pillow. In 2017, the Newton NH Fire Department released a public announcement to caution against charging devices while sleeping, as the heat generated by the charger cannot be dissipated.

Moral of the story? Just avoid charging any devices under your pillow.

3. You can get injured from a lightning strike while using your phone in the rain.

Not true!

Statistics and physics do not suggest a correlation. The insignificant amount of metal in a mobile phone in contrast to the plastic/glass exterior makes it unlikely for a mobile phone to channel the path of the current from a lightning strike through the body.

4. Your eyesight will worsen in low light usage.

This one’s true!

Night modes (blue light filters) reduce the effect of blue light which we are exposed to in the day by replacing the blue light with a warmer colour, and thus reducing the strain on our eyes. While the science behind night modes suggests an improvement in sleep and reduction in myopia risk, a study found that switching to night mode before bedtime alone is insufficient to reduce or address myopia-related risk factors.

Instead, it is encouraged we limit our mobile phone usage and set a digital curfew at least 30 mins before bedtime.

For the parent, one easy solution is to install our parental control app – plano!

The app comes with features like ‘Device Schedule’ where you can set device-free timings for your children, and ‘Push Alerts’ to receive notifications when it is time to stop your children’s device use.

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