Is that eye-monitoring app worth downloading?


SINGAPORE: Mobile apps that are designed to help reduce eye strain, myopia and other eye issues are aplenty. But how do you decide which ones are worth downloading – or if you should download them at all?

Look if the app is affiliated with reputable and independent medical research institutes, or has support from leading clinical eye centres, said Dr Mo Dirani, who is a lead researcher on global eye health with the Singapore Eye Research Institute. “The [app’s] functions and features should be based on scientific evidence.”

Dr Dirani recently collaborated with the Singapore Eye Research Institute-Singapore National Eye Centre’s (SNEC-SERI) Ophthalmic Technologies Incubator programme to launch plano – a myopia-monitoring app for parents to track their children’s use of smart devices. The free app lets parents track the frequency and duration of time their children spend on a smart phone or tablet, and the distance at which they hold the device from their faces.

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