Is It Possible To Prevent Myopia Progression Naturally With Eye Exercise Apps?


Natural cures are all the rage nowadays, and many eye exercise apps promise to reduce myopia progression naturally. How true is this?

If you can do it yourself, why not?

Who doesn’t like a natural cure to our ailments? When our children are sick, instead of downing bottles of pills and various types of medications, we’d take a natural cure if it’s available. This is often the case with eye exercise apps that promise a natural cure to myopia, or declare a sure-win method to achieve clear vision.

These eye exercise apps however, work the muscles around the eyes that control the eyes.  Each eye has around 6 muscles surrounding it that control the focus and line of sight of our eyes. The ciliary muscle is the focal muscle that eye exercises aim at relaxing to reduce the tension and strain around it after working the eyes throughout the day. This is as much as eye exercise apps go in helping to relax the eyes.

What about preventing myopia progression?

Myopia, or other refractive errors, is a result of light being unable to reach the retina due to the elongation of the axial length of the eye. As exercise apps target the muscles around the eyes, these eye exercises unfortunately don’t really help to reduce the chances of myopia. Relaxing the eye muscles are good, but don’t expect to have perfect vision because of it. More importantly, according to Harvard medical, eye exercise programs won’t reverse myopia, or alter its progression. 

As a parent, if you are looking at methods to prevent myopia progression, there are several things that you can remind your child to do to safeguard his/her vision. Firstly, going outdoors and soaking up some vitamin D has been proven to help delay the progression of myopia. 

Secondly, extensive near work activity can hasten the progression of myopia, so it is essential to remind your child to take regular eye breaks. The plano app notifies your child to regularly take eye breaks when he/she is using their phone. It also reminds your child to use his/her phone at a safe distance to limit near work activity. Lastly, if your child follows these prompts and reminders, he/she can earn points in the plano app which they can use to request for a prize in the plano Shop.

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