HPB partners local myopia & parental management app


Plano, a myopia screening tool and parental management application has recently partnered with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to reduce the onset and progression of childhood myopia.

Besides the annual vision screening in schools under HPB, parents are now to be encouraged to use plano app to cultivate good eye care habits as well and this partnership serves to expand the reach and impact of HPB’s health promotion programmes. Before this, plano was also developed under the supervision of the Singapore Eye Research Institute-Singapore National Eye Centre’s (SERI-SENC) Ophthalmic Technologies Incubator Programme and is supported by the National Health Innovation Centre (NHIC).

Features of plano include monitoring distance from device to eyes, prompts to adjust the user’s posture and reward-based incentives to redeem monetary discounts to encourage better device management. Artificial intelligence is also used to ensure children adhere to regular eye checks, and the app itself provides eye check recommendations and tips.

With the HPB partnership, plano will have a greater reach to school children as well as to raise awareness efforts to better manage myopia.

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