Guide to Earn and Unlock Rewards

planoShop rewards system helps you reinforce positive behaviour in your child and engages them to develop good device use behaviour and earn points at the same time.

Unlock exciting offers and discounts on your favourite family-friendly brands in Singapore on the planoShop!

All planoShop items are sold at an exclusive discount for all planoApp users in Singapore. When your child makes a request using their planoPoints, an additional discount is applied to the item.


1. planoShop discounts can be unlocked exclusively when you download planoApp and register.
2. Download planoApp and register to unlock the discounts on the planoShop.
3. Open up the planoShop when you are ready to access the discounts!
An additional discount is unlocked when your child uses their planoPoints to request an item on the planoShop in Child Mode. The requested item will appear on the planoShop ‘wishlist’. The additional discount will be automatically applied as a reward for their healthy device use behaviour when you make the purchase from the wishlist on your device. For example, Genius R Us’s Kidz Can Bake Workshop’s basic discount is 30% but with 800 planoPoints, the discount is now 70%!
Your child is rewarded with planoPoints when they follow planoApp’s science-based eye health prompts. Keeping a safe distance away from the device (30 cm), taking an eye break at least once every 30 mins and keeping device use to a maximum of 2 hours a day.
Currently, planoShop is an in-app platform. You can download planoApp for free here (go here), register, and start making your purchases on planoShop!
We deliver islandwide in Singapore.
Currently, payment by card is the only available payment method.