Every Internet-Savvy Parent Should Use This iPhone Parental Control App

With screen time increasing, it’s important we parents know which iPhone parental control app to use to manage their device use.

An ageless internet and infinite screen time

The thing about iPhones is that despite coming with an off button, we never seem to use it. Our iPhone-wielding children are the same, and it basically offers them an endless amount of screen time.

3pm after school? Games with friends!

5.30pm before dinner? Maybe a little YouTube.

7pm after dinner? Hey, I know! I’ll make a TikTok video!

8.30pm – oh! Time to tune in to my friend’s Instagram Live video before bed.

With the screen constantly occupying your child’s time, it feels almost impossible to find even a sliver of time to bond with your little one or fork out time for homework. And let’s not get started on trying to persuade them to put the phone down before bed.

The solution: iPhone parental control apps

As parents of digitally-wired children, we need to get our heads in the game; for when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Just as our children are taking to a thousand and one applications to entertain them, so can we parents take to applications to limit their screen time.

And what sort of apps? iPhone parental control apps! These apps can help you minimise your child’s screen time. While our children are entitled to their own privacy online, it’s ofttimes necessary that we monitor the amount of time they are spending on their phones. Prolonged exposure to the screens has been proven to lead to issues such as myopia, screen addiction, and may even result in mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

Screen time has become a part of all our lives and as our children grow older, the more screen time they will be exposed to. However, the screens aren’t inherently bad, rather it’s the relationship we forge with our devices that are of concern. If your child is spending incessant durations of time on his/her screen, iPhone parental control apps like the plano App can serve as a great tool to teach your child healthy habits to manage their relationship with their phones.

The one iPhone Parental Control App you need: The plano App

With so many iPhone parental control apps populating the market, we’re spoiled for choice. Apps that help to block other apps and browsers, apps that help you give your child a time-out, the list is endless. However, few apps also take your child’s vision health into consideration too. Enter: the plano App. What exactly does the plano App do?

1. Device break reminders

As a parent, you have a million things to do throughout the day, and reminding your child to take a break from his/her phone is just one of the many. Having to look over your child’s shoulder is a tiring chore atop of everything else – but the plano App does it for you.

The plano App reminds your child to take a device break every 30 minutes he/she spends on the screen. For about a minute and a half, your child will be unable to use his/her phone and he/she has to take a break from the screens.

These half-hourly break reminders serve to create a habit of device breaks. This way, your child will be able to learn the right device habits to not only minimise his/her screen time, but also safeguard his/her eyes from myopia. If your child follows these break time reminders, they will earn points that can be used to request for fun activities and items in the plano Shop!

2. Scheduling device times

There are times when you’d wish your little one would just put his/her phone away – such as dinner time, bed time, or homework time. The plano App also allows you as the parent to schedule specific times when your child is allowed to use his/her phone. You get full control of when your little one is and isn’t allowed screen time so you can say goodbye to phones at the dinner table!

3. Remote locking*

Have there ever been instances when you caught your little one using his/her phone when he/she should have been asleep? As a parent of an eight-year-old boy, I sure have. I wished I had a button to shut that phone of his down. The remote locking function found on the plano App let’s you do something like that – while it doesn’t completely switch off your child’s phone, you have the power to lock your little one out from all the apps present on his/her phone. 

The dawn of the internet has crashed upon our children like a tidal wave and there’s no stopping it. However, as parents of the digital age, we can set up bulwarks to protect our children from the effects of excessive screen time. iPhone parental control apps like plano can do just that – not only does it help you monitor your child’s phone use, it also teaches your child healthy habits they can easily pick up while using their phones. Check out the plano App here today!

*subject to your device’s technical capabilities.


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