Curb Your Child’s Excessive Screen Time By Setting The Right Example


With the advancement of technology, most of us seem to spend our time online as it is a way to stay connected to the world. Remember when we were children? We used to meet our neighbours to play hide-and-seek around the block or at the playground. Those days are long gone and our kids are now connecting with their friends online instead. While this is how our society has adapted to the digital age, we must also be wary of spending excessive time on the screen.

Why You Should Set An Example

As our children are still developing, excessive screen time can have some damaging consequences to their health. Most notably, it could lead to a progression of myopia, and without early intervention, it may develop into high myopia. Excessive screen time can also cause digital eye strain (DES) and bad posture, which we definitely don’t want our children to suffer from. Hence, we should nip the problem in the bud and teach our children good screen time habits, by setting the right example ourselves.

Imagine taking the device away from your child and he/she sees you still on your phone or computer. This would make them question your good intentions and wonder why you can continue using your device while they can’t. “Do what I say, not as I do” isn’t exactly the most effective parenting method, no matter how we might wish for it to be true.

The reality is that the example you set for your child determines their behaviour growing up, as they learn by observing and imitating people around them. By setting a good example of putting away your device for an eye break, it allows your child to mimic your positive behaviour as well. 

When you start by putting away your device, your child will be more willing to listen to your advice and follow suit. Help them understand the detrimental effects of excessive screen time and patiently explain that you are coming from a place of concern. And since you are taking a break together with your child, you can go out for a walk, bring your child to a playground, or spend time solving puzzles together.

We are here for you!

The plano app helps you to simply schedule your child’s device usage time and eye break reminders. For instance, setting a no-device time during family bonding is a way to engage your child in the activity and encourage conversations. The app will also prompt your child to take a break every 30 minutes for 1-2 minutes, so that they can take their eyes off the screens and give it a rest.

Furthermore, by following the prompts given, your child can accumulate points that can be used to request for rewards in the plano Shop*! We have device-free activities that your child can enjoy at Mega Adventure to the NUSLKC Museum

By rewarding your child for good device use, plano helps tackle device dependency in a fun and encouraging way. You can set the example by also taking an eye break to encourage your child to follow the prompts and earn some points. It’s also a great opportunity to put down your device and engage in some bonding activities with your child today!

*Only available to Singapore plano users.

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