Check Your Device Usage: How Much Are You Relying On The Screen?


We’ve all got a phone, and they’re necessary tools to help us navigate, work, and connect! But are we using them a little too much in this day and age?

Gaze fixed on the screen.

How often do we remind ourselves to take a break every time we use our devices? Think about it – when one episode on Netflix leads to another; when 5 minutes on Instagram turn into 50 minutes; when 1 level of a game leads to another 10 levels. And that’s just entertainment.

In the areas of work and learning, sometimes it’s not enough for us to get through 1 email or 1 lecture. We’ve got to get through 100 different ones, or we’ve got to complete 10 different lectures for that upcoming test. In between those 50 minutes on Instagram, 100 different emails, or 10 different online lectures, do we make it a point to practice dashes of eye breaks?

Taking dashes of eye breaks is one of the important components of the Clear Vision Recipe including practicing scoops of good distance (placing your devices at least 30 metres away from your eye), spending heaps of time outdoors (remember to get 2 hours a day outdoors), and MyPower (for only you have the control to practice these good habits every day). It’s a great reminder for us all to take care of our eyes amidst this digital age. After all, we wouldn’t want to end up like the citizens of Machiville.

In the fifth book of The Plano Adventures series, Out of Order, the citizens of Machiville were glued to their devices all day. They couldn’t even lift their gaze beyond the screen to complete the simplest of everyday tasks such as finding directions, or even asking their friend a question in real life. This may be an exaggeration, but with our lives being increasingly governed by our devices, that scenario doesn’t seem too far away. In fact, a survey found that kids are spending at least 30 hours a week on their phones – that’s equal to 1500 hours a year! It’s important that we curb our reliance on our screens and maybe give ourselves a break from the screens too.

Fixing our screen time.

Our screens are permanent fixtures of our lives in the 21st Century, hence it’s critical to manage the time we spend on them before we get too dependent on our devices. Our children are especially vulnerable to developing an over dependence on their devices as their childhoods and schooling years now revolve around a tiny palm-sized device. Therefore, it’s necessary for us parents to also remind them of the Clear Vision Recipe and exercise good device habits every day to stifle their reliance on devices.

If your child is constantly turning to the screen for an episode of Paw Patrol to entertain him/herself, set device limits for the day. Let your child know that you’ll be limiting him/her to 2 episodes a day. Beyond that is off limits. As a substitute, you could encourage your child to try out new home activities like baking or gardening with parental supervision, of course. Developing a hobby or an interest from a young age can help your child to gain skills and it could be a stepping stone to unlocking your child’s passion.

The digital world we live in is an ever-changing one with new devices being introduced to the market every day. And as these devices begin to change with the world, we ought to adopt healthy device habits to safeguard our health – both physically and mentally – and not grow an addiction to them.

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