Why it’s Important to Get Your Eyes Checked

"Why fix something that isn't broken?" This popular adage briefly sums up our lackadaisical attitude towards our eye health.


In 12 hours and 42 minutes, you can complete a full day of work, head home, have dinner, maybe watch an episode or two of your favourite TV show and fall into bed. The average Singaporean spends a staggering 12 hours and 42 minutes glued onto their digital devices daily.

WHO Said What About Screen Time?

How much screen time is a healthy dose for your young one? And how do you balance this out with physical activity and sleep?

Reducing Myopia Progression: Why It Is Important For Your Little One To “Go Play Outside.”

Children who spend time outdoors have a higher likelihood of preventing the onset of myopia. As parents, we should encourage our little ones to go out and about.

Does Your Phone’s Dark Mode Setting Help To Prevent Myopia?

Your child's phone's new Dark Mode may be an enticing feature, but does it really help them manage their eye health and prevent myopia from progressing?

A Timeline of Your Infant’s Vision Development

Your baby's eyes are new to the world. Find out the milestones of your baby’s vision and learn how to accommodate to your baby’s developing vision.

Can Junior See The Whiteboard? Check Their Eyes To Help Prevent Myopia From Worsening

If you have seen your child squinting to see faraway objects, you might want to get your child's eyesight checked and potentially prevent myopia from progressing.

Is Your Child Seeing Right? Prevent Myopia Progression and Other Eye-Related Problems

Your child's eyes are vulnerable to many ailments and conditions. Just a mere brush of his/her hand across the eye, or staring at a screen for too long can cause serious eye health issues.

More Than Just Fashion: Choosing The Best Sunnies For Your Eyes

Picking the right sunglasses for a day out should be more than just #forthegram. The best pair of sunglasses is one that protects your eyes while making a fashion statement.

Can You Prevent Myopia In Your Children?

Myopia can't exactly be prevented, but with these tips, you can protect your child's eyes and delay the progression of myopia in your child.