I often find my kids completely engrossed the moment they get gadgets in their hands. This engrossment is actually on the border of obsession or addiction which scares me. Are you finding it very difficult too to take away the gadgets from kids? Do they become irritable and try their best to hog the gadgets for maximum possible time? Do you see that their focus on studies and other activities goes for a toss after screen time? Have you observed other symptoms like watery eyes, tiredness? I have seen all this happening with my kids to an extent. That’s why I am really loving plano® nowadays!

Smart devices are increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives to communicate and to access the internet. But it can also be a double-edged sword, where kids are often exposed to the devices even before they master walking or talking. Smartphone addiction can pose a myriad of problems regarding posture, physiological and even mental health as well. Yet being immersed in such a digitalized world, completely removing smart devices from the clasps of our children is no longer possible.

Thus, parental control apps are playing an increasingly important role in the parent-child relationship. From app and web blocking to children empowerment, we review the functions and features of 5 parental control apps that we believe would suit your needs best.

About the author:

Dwight Fonseka is an esteemed adjunct lecturer and trainer at the at the London School of Business and Finance. He also conducts tertiary courses for programming, technology and data-related subjects. He has over 8 years of experience teaching in international schools in Singapore and other parts of the world.