Screens And Our Eyes

We know that using our devices too much will lead to eyesight deterioration, but the effects are much more detrimental than that. Health consequences such as heart disease, cancer, mental illness and a condition known as Digital Eye Strain (DES) may develop.

Is YouTube Kids Actually Safe for Kids?

Disturbing scenes from knock-off animations were created and uploaded on YouTube Kids. Titles containing children’s favourite cartoon characters were used, baiting unsuspecting kids to click on these videos.

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Scammers use phishing in an attempt to obtain personal and sensitive information like banking details, usernames or passwords, and credit card details.

Smart Parenting: 3 Quick and Easy Eye Care Tips to Keep Myopia at Bay

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How Social Media Can Affect Your Child’s Self-Esteem

The link between social media usage and decrease in self-esteem draws attention to how we have allowed social media to determine our value.

Stranger Danger: How Parents can Keep their Kids Safe Online

Children are susceptible to at least one cyber-risk, from cyberbullying to video game addiction, to offline meetings, and to online sexual behaviour.

How to Protect your child from being Cyberbullied

The technological boom has facilitated the rise of a new threat called cyberbullying, which parents must now learn to navigate.

Are our smart devices affecting our mental health?

Here, we examine the truth of whether, and how, smart devices affect our mental health.