Tackling Childhood Myopia: Channel 8 News

Singapore is the myopia capital of the world. 28% of children in Primary 1 are myopic and the number increases to 65% by the time they reach Primary 6. plano together with the Health Promotion Board are working to improve the statistics by introducing plano to all 320,000 children in Singapore.

A brand new app called plano that assists you in protecting the vision of your children: zaobao

"Early detection and correction are important, as myopia n start to affect children as young as ages two to four. If parents come in early and start to create the right behaviour changes, we can delay the onset of eye conditions and reduce the risk of high myopia." ~ Dr Mo Dirani

AntzWorkz and plano win GOLD for Best Idea Consumer Insights at the MARKies Awards 2018: Marketing Interactive

plano is happy to announce that AntzWorkz Consultants and plano have won the GOLD award for Best Idea-Consumer Insights at the MARKies Award Night!

Are Screens Bad For My Child’s Eyes?: BBC

Are screens bad for my child’s eyes? Marnie Chesterton investigates in Singapore, where rates of short-sightedness in children are among the highest in the world.

plano wins 1 Gold and 2 Silvers in Mobile Excellence 2018: Marketing Interactive

plano was awarded Gold for informative use of mobile, a Silver for research and insights, and another Silver for government and community service at Mob-ex 2018.

Why spending time outdoors could help your child’s eyesight: BBC

Kids seem to spend endless hours on smartphones, games consoles, computers and tablets these days.

Tech savvy parents are turning to apps to monitor their kids well being and use of gadgets: The Straits Times

Some tech-savvy parents are using and even customising mobile applications to aid them in achieving their parenting goals.

The National Ophthalmic Center Mobile Eye Clinic opened the community to provide eye care services: Channel 8

plano showcased on Channel 8 News article during the Singapore National Eye Center - National Eye Care Day 2017 Carnival.

Is that eye-monitoring app worth downloading?: Channel News Asia

SINGAPORE: Mobile apps that are designed to help reduce eye strain, myopia and other eye issues are aplenty. But how do you decide which ones are worth downloading - or if you should download them at all?

App sets sights on addressing myopia in kids: The Straits Times

Parents can use the app to keep track of a child's smart device use and usage habits