IPG Mediabrands collaborates with plano to save sight and empower lives across Asia Pacific: Campaign Brief Asia

IPG Mediabrands has announced a regional pro bono collaboration with plano. The young health-tech company launched late last year with a mission to save sight and empower lives.

Moms You Definitely Need This App to Control Myopia of Kids: RainbowDiaries

I often find my kids completely engrossed the moment they get gadgets in their hands. This engrossment is actually on the border of obsession or addiction which scares me. Are you finding it very difficult too to take away the gadgets from kids?

Thousands of parents download the science-based plano app to keep track of their child’s smart device use and eye health: The Times of India

India now has more smartphone users than the U.S. has people. Fuelled by the demand for affordable smartphones in urban areas the estimated 16% YoY growth rate for smartphone penetration is the highest in the world and set to reach a record 40% of the India population by 2022.

HPB partners local myopia & parental management app to address childhood myopia: Healthcare Innovation

plano, a myopia screening tool and parental management application, has recently partnered the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to reduce the onset and progression of childhood myopia.

HPB uses app to try curbing childhood myopia: Marketing Interactive

Myopia screening tool and parental management application plano, has struck a deal with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in a bid to reduce the onset and progression of childhood myopia.

Aplikasi baru tangani masalah rabun jauh kanak-kanak: Berita (Mediacorp)

Sebuah syarikat tempatan sedang mencipta satu aplikasi telefon bijak untuk menangani masalah rabun jauh atau miopia di kalangan kanak-kanak. Masalah rabun jauh dalam kalangan kanak-kanak di Singapura adalah salah satu yang tertinggi di dunia.

plano, Uncovered episode 1: plano

plano is creating a series of interviews with our users, named plano, Uncovered.

Tackling Childhood Myopia: Channel News Asia

Tackling Childhood Myopia with plano. plano has recently partnered with the Health Promotion Board Over the next 12 months, it will reach out to some 320,000 preschool and primary school going children.

Tackling Childhood Myopia: Channel 8 News

Singapore is the myopia capital of the world. 28% of children in Primary 1 are myopic and the number increases to 65% by the time they reach Primary 6. plano together with the Health Promotion Board are working to improve the statistics by introducing plano to all 320,000 children in Singapore.

A brand new app called plano that assists you in protecting the vision of your children: zaobao

"Early detection and correction are important, as myopia n start to affect children as young as ages two to four. If parents come in early and start to create the right behaviour changes, we can delay the onset of eye conditions and reduce the risk of high myopia." ~ Dr Mo Dirani