Myopia—A World We Don’t Want for Our Kids: HealthHub

Headaches, squinting and blurred vision. Is your child showing signs of myopia?

Mo Dirani, Managing Director of Plano: Asian Entrepreneur

Dr. Mo Dirani, a research entrepreneur, successfully spun-off a health tech company to save sight and empower lives.

App targeting childhood myopia to launch Australia: Insight News

An app that manages screen time to mitigate myopia onset in children will soon be available to the Australian market.

App to help parents monitor child’s eye health: The Business Times

Global myopia rates have continued to rise in recent years, with researchers suggesting that more than half of the world's population will be myopic by 2050.

Children Really Need to “Go Play Outside” to Prevent a Serious Eyesight Problem, Researchers Warn: Science Alert

Getting children to play outside will benefit their eyesight and reduce their risk of becoming shortsighted, experts say.

The Future in Sight: Li Haohan (Portfolio Magazine)

A company has developed an app aiming to help parents manage smart device use among children, and address possible dire consequences from prolonged, unsupervised use before they happen.

8 Simple Tips to Cultivate Good Child Eye Care: Motherhood

With smart devices everywhere, here’s what you can do to encourage proper use to ensure good eye health.

Is Your Child Becoming Short-Sighted? Experts Tips on Protecting Little Eyes Against Myopia: Sassy Mama

Are you doing all you can to protect your child’s eyesight and stop them from getting myopia? Limit screen time, play outside and other tips (including an app!) to stop your child becoming nearsighted

【公司资讯】拯救视力,赋能生命:IPG盟博和PLANO建立公益战略合作: China Advertising

近日,IPG集团旗下的全球媒介管理集团IPG盟博(IPG Mediabrands)近日宣布和plano建立区域性公益合作。plano是一家年轻的健康科技公司,其企业使命是拯救视力,赋能生命。

拯救视力,赋能生命:IPG盟博和PLANO建立公益战略合作: DIGITALING

IPG集团旗下的全球媒介管理集团IPG盟博(IPG Mediabrands)近日宣布和plano建立区域性公益合作。plano是一家年轻的健康科技公司,其企业使命是拯救视力,赋能生命。