The Science Behind The Clear Vision Recipe

Our readers have probably heard a lot about the Clear Vision Recipe. But what is the science behind it and why is it so important to follow it?

Toss The Devices, Pick Up The Books And Read With Your Child!

Digital books fit this digital age. While convenient, digital books can't beat the smell of a fresh new book.

Murky Eyes Mean Trouble, And Not Just In Murktown

When your eyes get murky (blurry), it can mean trouble for your eye health. What’s that in front of me? In the first book of The Plano Adventures series, Trouble in Murktown, we meet our important and well-loved heroes – ...

A Ray of Light To Keep Your Eyes Bright

Going outdoors for a fun day out spells the beginning of a new adventure. What happens when adventure can be found in a video game just a tap of a finger away?

Your Child’s Never-Ending Games Are Not Their Life

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Dealing With The Real-Life Cybugs

The digital world is fun, but it also poses several risks to our children such as cyberbullying.

Why ‘Out of Order’ Is Relevant And Necessary

You've probably heard about our fifth installment of The Plano Adventures Series, Out of Order, and here's why the book is extremely relevant today.

Unique Ways To Get Your Child To Read

Tried all the conventional methods to get your child to read, but to no avail? Here are 4 unique ways to inspire your child to read.

How To Read Aloud To Your Child

Reading together with your young child can be a rewarding experience. But how can we, as parents, read aloud effectively to our children?

Read More To Benefit More

Beyond vocabulary expansion, your child can benefit more from reading than he/she knows. Here are 5 more benefits to reading that you may not have known about.