Games Come With A Pause Button, So Should Your Screen Time

Nowadays, games come in the palm of our hand and as fun as they are, they can be so difficult to break out of.

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The Reality Beyond The Screen: Gaming Addiction

Gaming addiction has been recognized by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an actual disorder. But we are bigger than these games – for they don’t control us, we control them. At the touch of a button. Games are more ...

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What Ever Happened To Outdoor Fun?

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ERROR 404: Screen Time Overload

Let's face it, we possess a limitless digital diet and sometimes, we crave for our phones more often than we should. And our children aren't excluded.

2020 Is The Year For Clear Vision

This 2020, let's resolve ourselves to practising the Clear Vision Recipe every day.

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For some, there's no pressing pause on games and this can come with some detrimental consequences.