Are our smart devices affecting our mental health?

Here, we examine the truth of whether, and how, smart devices affect our mental health.

Protecting Your Child: Cyberbullying Edition

The digital age has pushed bullying into the online realm, where the reach of bullies can be extended to anytime and any place.

Outdoor activity: Does it help protect your child from myopia?

Look up, and look around you: How many people wearing glasses do you see?

Parenting With Parent Apps: Yay Or Nay?

As parents, we face our own parenting struggles. Sometimes, we need help and help can come in the form of an app, but how much help is too much?

Disciplining Your Child: Spare The Rod And Talk To Them Instead

The old adage goes, "spare the rod, spoil the child". You can spare the rod, but sometimes it’s better to talk to them about their feelings instead.

The Extra Help Around The Home: Parental Control Apps

Keeping track of your child's phone activity is just another task to add on top of everything else. Parental control apps are the extra help you need.

The New Smoking: Smartphone Addiction And Its Effects On Your Child’s Brain

Just like cigarettes, smartphone addiction can cause detrimental effects to your child's brain development.

Video Games: Are Our Children Victims Or Victors?

As parents, should we be worried about video games and its effects on our children? If so, what are the signs that your child could be addicted to video games?

Our Child’s Screen Addiction May Be Our Fault

Before pointing fingers at junior's screen addiction, we should evaluate our own device use first.

How To Help Your Child With Social Anxiety

Helping your child overcome anxiety is a collaborative effort. It involves family support and possibly effective clinical treatment.