The Difference Between Good And Bad Screen Time

As parents, we can help our kids discern what defines good and bad screen time.

Curb Your Child’s Excessive Screen Time By Setting The Right Example

By setting a good example of putting away your device for an eye break, it allows your child to mimic your positive behaviour as well.

Should I Spy on My Child’s Online Activity?

These days, the age at which our children are starting to use their smartphones and tablets are getting younger and younger. In fact, a study carried out by Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority among children between 0 to ...

Parents, Too Much Screen Time Can Be Dangerous For Your Child’s Mental Health

Besides smartphone addiction and device dependency, too much screen time can also contribute to other conditions such as depression.

The Solution To Your Child’s Smartphone Addiction

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5 Habits That Threaten Your Child’s Online Safety

The ease of using devices has brought about some bad habits that could make us victims of cybercriminals, especially our children who are not aware of these online dangers.

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Curb Your Child’s Device Dependency With Positive Reinforcement

While device dependency seems like another problem to add to our long list of worries, it’s not as hard to manage as you may think.