Is your child choosing screens over family?

Unlike 26 years ago, before the dawn of the smartphone revolution, we now have to factor in the amount of time we will spend staring at our tiny screens.

The Fight Against The Global Epidemic Of Short-Sightedness Starts Outdoors.

It has been found that children who spend at least two hours outside every day have a reduced risk of developing myopia.

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Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia, being dwarfed in size and population compared to neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Too much device time can set your eyes on fire

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The cornerstone of the traditional Singaporean route to success has typically been education, as parents instill the value of studying hard in their children.

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A silent epidemic has been sweeping the world, affecting the health of millions

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As technology becomes a part of our lives, maintaining a healthy relationship between our eyes and our devices is necessary to keep our eyes healthy.