Myth Busted: Myopia Is NOT Just An Asian Problem!

Myopia does not discriminate – it affects people of all walks of life in every country.

Our Kids Need Our Help In This Digital Age.

Arguably, above all else, raising a child ‘right’ hinges on how committed parents are to give their child the best environment to grow up in.

Our Most Precious Commodity: How Much Of It Are Our Youth Sacrificing To Screens?

Unlike 26 years ago, before the dawn of the smartphone revolution, we now have to factor in the amount of time we will spend staring at our tiny screens.

The Fight Against The Global Epidemic Of Short-Sightedness Starts Outdoors.

It has been found that children who spend at least two hours outside every day have a reduced risk of developing myopia.

It’s Time To Stop Playing Games With Our Kids’ Eyes

Now is the time to stop playing games with our children’s eyes. The world is waking up to the problem of screen addiction.

Are We Losing Our Sight To Technology?

As technology becomes a part of our lives, maintaining a healthy relationship between our eyes and our devices is necessary to keep our eyes healthy.