Should we ban our children from using smartphones?

“Should we ban our children from using smartphones?” It is a question that has been at the heart of several contentious global discussions surrounding our youth’s excessive device usage, especially in recent years. In fact, a mounting ...

It’s Valentine’s Day; so engage your partner not your phone!

We’ve all been there – one minute you’re having a heart-to-heart conversation, a real moment with your significant other, when suddenly a ping from your phone interrupts you and several things happen at once: Your eyes instinctively ...

2020: It’s about time we fulfill the world’s right to sight.

We are now well into the year 2020, a milestone surging with significance for the world of eye health for many reasons. Eye health bodies the world over have begun 2020 with a resolve to promote vision care and to spread awareness on ...

Why are we so lonely? Our greatest invention may be to blame.

Fortnite. Facebook. Tinder. Skype. What do these platforms have in common? They have all made it exponentially easier for us to connect with people from virtually all corners of the world. Ironically, while the internet has made us ...

Your Smartphone is a Real Pain in the Neck, Literally

On every bus or train, at every café or restaurant and even while crossing the street or walking on the footpath, we see people looking down, hunched over their smart devices, their necks contorted into unnatural postures while they ...

From an Idea to a Complete Ecosystem

Plano was developed with a clear purpose; to save sight and empower lives. With a culture of disruptive thinking grounded in real scientific research

Getting Regular Eye Checks Should Be On Everyone’s Radar

Experts agree that regular and timely eye examinations are important for people of all ages, and that includes people who have not been diagnosed with an eye condition.

Stop Turning a Blind Eye to High Myopia

Macular degeneration, retinal detachment, glaucoma and cataract and other sight-threatening diseases are associated with high myopia.

Studying Hard, But At What Cost?: Singapore, The Myopia Capital Of The World

Excessive near work is a well-defined risk factor for the development of Myopia, or short-sightedness, and the problem is bigger than you may think.

A Nation Wearing Spectacles: Are We All Nerds?

But are people who wear glasses really more likely to be nerds or is this just a myth?