YouTube Kids gets new parental-control features

YouTube Kids unveiled on Wednesday new features meant to give parents more control over what their children watch, following an outcry late last year over disturbing videos that landed on the app.

These computer glasses reflect blue light and prevent screen-induced headaches — and they’re available with prescription lenses

A few years ago, Insider Picks wrote about Felix Gray’s reflective computer glasses that keep blue light from harming your eyes or causing screen-induced headaches.

Guidelines on child’s use of screen devices

One of the biggest issues modern schools and parents have to encounter is how to manage students’ electronic use.

Hwa Chong Institution restricts smartphone use; no gaming allowed from 7am to 2pm

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) has introduced new rules restricting smartphone use by its students this month.

Myopia Awareness Week launched to encourage eye tests for children

Myopia (short- or near-sightedness) is becoming a major public health crisis and is already having an impact on young Australians, increasing their risk of developing sight-threatening conditions later in life.

How heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness

May 20th will mark the end of “mental-health awareness week”, a campaign run by the Mental Health Foundation, a British charity. Roughly a quarter of British adults have been diagnosed at some point with a psychiatric disorder, costing the economy an estimated 4.5% of GDP per year. Such illnesses have many causes, but a growing body of research demonstrates that in young people they are linked with heavy consumption of social media.

Smartphone case that allows parents to stop children becoming addicted to devices

A Japanese company has created a smartphone case to help parents prevent their children from becoming addicted to their mobile devices.

Increasing levels of myopia linked to environmental trends: ABC

There are worries that the surging number of people with myopiacommonly known as short-

How Do Smartphones Affect Childhood Psychology?: Psych Central

Have you noticed what seems like an epidemic of people who are glued to their smartphone’s soft glow?

Young People Are Sleeping With Their Phones. Their Parents Are Sleeping With People.: HuffPost

Do you snuggle up in bed with your smartphone instead of your significant