Can Junior See The Whiteboard? Check Their Eyes To Help Prevent Myopia From Worsening


“Mummy, I can’t see in school.” Perhaps some parents have heard their children talk about how impossible it is to focus in class without squinting. If you have, your child may be experiencing myopia. Besides requesting that your child sits further front, you might want to get your child’s eyesight checked and potentially prevent myopia from progressing.

See it to believe it

Learning in school is largely a visual process – from looking at the whiteboard to reading textbooks, most of your child’s learning begins with his/her sight. Eye strains, constantly rubbing their eyes, or an avoidance of reading are some symptoms that indicate problems with your child’s vision.

When that happens, you’d want to visit an optometrist. At the optometrist, you can expect your child’s eyes to be thoroughly checked for refractive errors such as myopia (more commonly known as nearsightedness), and perhaps receive a prescription for a pair of spectacles or contact lenses to correct your child’s vision and prevent myopia from developing.

However, eye examinations should not stop after getting a pair of spectacles. Research has shown that regular eye check ups help to monitor the development of myopia. In fact, there is a 50% increased risk of having uncorrected refractive error if the interval between your child’s last eye examination was more than 2 years ago. At worse, not attending regular eye check-ups put your child at a higher risk of losing partial or complete vision.

Further vision impairment can be prevented by going for regular and timely eye examinations. Attending eye examinations at an optometrist can help keep your child’s eyesight in check and monitor the progress of their vision health. By doing so, it can help ease your child’s vision discomfort and prepare for the upcoming school year. Your child’s eyes will feel less strain and stress, and he/she will be able to concentrate better in class.

Healthy eyes and good vision are integral to help your child reach his/her best academic potential. But more importantly, your child’s eyes are a window to experience the world around them. Prevent myopia’s progression safeguard your children from other vision health risks by booking and attending regular eye check-ups through the plano app

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