Bring Your World Into Focus With The Clear Vision Kit


plano is proud to announce the launch of The Clear Vision Kit*! The kit comes with 2 bundles – the Learning Bundle, and the Activity Bundle. Both bundles come with a yearly subscription of premium model of the plano app!

The Learning Bundle

The Learning Bundle aims to guide your child to learn and adopt good eye care habits in this digital world. This bundle comes with one book of your choice from the best-selling book series, The Plano Adventures, and an enrichment class to teach your child a new skill or sport. The total value of the Learning Bundle is SGD 61.98, however, you can get it today at SGD 29.98!

The Plano Adventures

The Plano Adventures is a science-based, early chapter book series that aims to educate children about the effects of excessive device use in today’s digital age. The series comes with 5 books, each book is worth SGD 12:

  • Trouble in Murktown
  • The Ray Keepers
  • The Never Ending Game
  • Attack of the Cybugs
  • Out of Order

The series goes through themes such as the consequences of near work activity, cyberbullying, and gaming addiction. Together with the protagonist of the book, Professor Plano, children will be brought on a fun-filled adventure while learning more about healthy device habits.

The focal point of the series is Professor Plano’s Clear Vision Recipe. The recipe serves as an enjoyable way to remind children to practice good eye care habits every day. The steps are simple and easy to follow, and together with Professor Plano, your child will master these steps in no time.

Enrichment Classes

The Learning Bundle comes with 5 different enrichment class passes to choose from, namely:

  • Coding class at First Code Academy
  • Drama class at Evolve Arts
  • Music class at Mandeville Conservatory of Music
  • Gymnastics class at Bazgym
  • Football class at F-17 Football Academy

On average, each enrichment class is worth approximately SGD 35. You may choose one of the five above enrichment class passes for your child as part of the Learning Bundle. These class passes serve as an introduction to a new skill or sport to your child. These classes ultimately aim to encourage your child to participate in other activities away from their smart devices.

The Activity Bundle

The Activity Bundle aims to encourage a love for device-free activities – both indoors and outdoors. The total value of The Activity Bundle is SGD 79.98, but you can get it today at SGD 29.98!

This bundle comes with 5 device-free activities for you to choose from:

1. A playolah fun pass to enjoy at playolah (worth SGD 50)

Let your child immerse themselves in a day of fun at one of Singapore’s largest indoor playgrounds – playolah! Playolah is home to giant toy car tracks and kitchen sets imported from Japan and the United States. Your child can spend a whole day here just playing. He/she is sure to have a whale of a time at playolah!

2. Games Workshop Age of Sigmar: Storm Strike tabletop game (worth SGD 64)

Based on the theme of sci-fi and fantasy, the Age of Sigmar: Storm Strike tabletop game inspires fun, imagination, and strategic thinking. The troops of armies in this game battle one another to achieve conquest over the opposing party. It’s up to you to come up with a sharp strategy to come out as the winning army.

3. Mega Adventure Zip, Climb, and Jump package (worth SGD 70)

If your child loves thrills and adventure, the Mega Adventure Zip, Climb, and Jump package is sure to excite. Your child can expect to zipline above Sentosa and climb through obstacle courses at the beach.

4. MyCup pottery class (worth SGD 78)

Unleash your child’s inner artist and creativity with a MyCup pottery class at Centre Pottery. During this class, your child will have the opportunity to create and design their own cup, and bring it home to use.

You may choose one of the above activities for your child to enjoy as part of the Activity Bundle.

Both bundles aim to safeguard your child’s eyes in today’s digital world. If you are interested in purchasing either bundle for your child, click here to sign up for one today!

*The Clear Vision Kit and its bundles are only valid for Singapore users.

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