Blue Light? What Exactly Is That?


Ren-Ray mentioned something about blue light in The Ray Keepers, but what exactly is blue light?

Feeling blue?

“My dear cave dragons, Lord Myopic has made you all foggy with Blue Light on your Bottle-Bottle screens”. This was what Ren-Ray told the dragons when she found them using their devices in their cave throughout the day. But what was Ren-Ray talking about? What exactly is blue light and what was it doing in the dragons’ phones?

Blue light is emitted from both the sun and our devices today. However, the blue light emitted from your devices, such as your phones and tablets, is man-made. This makes it different from natural light. When you use your phones and your tablets too close to your face, the concern about the effects of blue light on one’s eye health is concerning. When blue light enters the eye, it scatters and increases the effort needed by the eyes to maintain focus. Too much of it can damage the retina and lead to serious vision problems that may emerge later on in life.

Man-made blue light can result in symptoms like dry eyes, blurred vision, and even headaches. These symptoms may be telling of Digital Eye Strain (DES) which is a condition that stems from extended periods of time starting at a device screen. However, it must be noted that further research is required to understand the relationship between blue light and DES.

Fighting the blues

The best way to combat the negative effects of blue light and excessive device use is to go outdoors! Remember how happy the dragons were when they spread their wings and flew freely in the sky? We may not be able to fly, but we sure can run and have fun under our bright golden sun.

Going outdoors and looking far helps to protect your eyes from the onset of myopia and reduce eye strain. Articles by the BBC and reports by the World Health Organisation (WHO) have shown that spending time outdoors helps to keep myopia at bay. The WHO has also published screen time recommendations for your child.

The outdoors are a huge part of our everyday health and life, so let’s embrace the outdoors today and keep myopia at bay.

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