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  • China shopping mall sets up lane for pedestrians glued to their mobile phones - A shopping centre in northwest China has built a special lane for pedestrians to walk on while gazing at their mobile phones, according to a newspaper report. The lane has been set up in a commercial district in Xian in Shaanxi province which is home to many start-up companies, the Beijing Youth Daily reported. Read More Read full article >
  • China blames video games for poor eyesight, but the evidence isn’t strong - A blight of bad eyesight plagues urban centers in China and other East Asian countries. In Hong Kong and Singapore, the rate of myopia, or nearsightedness, is as high as 90 percent in young adults. Though things aren't as blurry in the United States — about a third of the population has trouble seeing distant… Read full article >
  • China Focus: New scheme set to protect children’s eyesight - China will soon roll out a new scheme to curb the rise in nearsightedness - or myopia - among children and teenagers for the sake of their health and the nation's future. Authorities have sought public opinions on the scheme, which is jointly drafted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the National Health Commission… Read full article >
  • China targets video gaming to tackle myopia in children - Chinese authorities have announced plans to control video gaming as a response to rising levels of near-sightedness among children. Regulators want to limit the number of new online games, restrict playing time and develop an age-restriction system. A report in 2015 found 500 million Chinese suffered visual impairment, nearly half the population over five. Read… Read full article >
  • Woman unable to move fingers after using mobile phone non-stop for a week - You may want to stretch your fingers after reading this story. A woman in China recently learned a painful lesson when she suffered severe hand cramps after a week-long binge on her mobile phone. After taking a week's break from work, the Changsha resident decided to spend her free time on her mobile device. Read… Read full article >
  • Kids as young as 7 are finding ingenious ways around Apple’s screen time controls - Children are confounding their parents by finding ingenious away around Apple's screen time controls. The British press picked up on an  r/apple Reddit discussion, which features bemused parents sharing stories about how their kids are gaming the settings on their Apple devices. Apple introduced "screen time" as a new feature on iOS 12, released earlier this… Read full article >
  • Little girl’s alarming Google search horrifies parents - A shocked mum has reached out for help after discovering her daughter had Googled 'naked people', 'naked people kissing' and 'real life naked people.' She wrote on the Stay at Home Mum (SAHM) parenting forum, "Omg so just jumped on my laptop and noticed in the history that my seven-year-old (eight next month) innocent little… Read full article >
  • State data to be used to limit child gamers in China - Chinese technology giant Tencent is introducing tough new rules to identify under-age gamers, amid a crackdown on gaming addiction in the country. From mid-September it will introduce a real-name registration system for its Honour of Kings games, which will be linked to China's public security database. It will identify children and restrict the time they… Read full article >

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