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  • Is Your Phone’s Blue Light Ruining your Sleep? - At the end of a long day of balancing all the stresses that modern life throws at you, once you finally get to sit down and put your feet up, how do you spend those last couple of hours of downtime before you go to sleep? And how do your children spend this time? If… Read full article >
  • The Case Against Working Harder: Digital Eye Strain and its dire consequences on your productivity - In today’s frantic world that prioritises productivity over almost everything else, many of us have adopted the philosophy that we should spend hours on end at our screens for fear of losing precious moments of productivity.  However, one commonly overlooked consequence of staring at screens for too long may actually be hurting your efficiency to… Read full article >
  • Should we ban our children from using smartphones? - “Should we ban our children from using smartphones?” It is a question that has been at the heart of several contentious global discussions surrounding our youth’s excessive device usage, especially in recent years. In fact, a mounting body of research has linked excessive device use with numerous mental health conditions. Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is now officially recognised by… Read full article >
  • It’s Valentine’s Day; so engage your partner not your phone! - We’ve all been there – one minute you’re having a heart-to-heart conversation, a real moment with your significant other, when suddenly a ping from your phone interrupts you and several things happen at once: Your eyes instinctively flicker to your buzzing screen, you move to turn it off, but not before catching sight of the notification and feeling compelled… Read full article >
  • 2020: It’s about time we fulfill the world’s right to sight. - We are now well into the year 2020, a milestone surging with significance for the world of eye health for many reasons. Eye health bodies the world over have begun 2020 with a resolve to promote vision care and to spread awareness on vision-related issues that the global population continues to face. For instance, The American… Read full article >
  • Why are we so lonely? Our greatest invention may be to blame. - Fortnite. Facebook. Tinder. Skype. What do these platforms have in common? They have all made it exponentially easier for us to connect with people from virtually all corners of the world. Ironically, while the internet has made us more connected in a practical sense, it has become the ultimate source of a sinister phenomenon that… Read full article >
  • Why your Smartphone can be a Pain in your Neck - On every bus or train, at every café or restaurant and even while crossing the street or walking on the footpath, we see people looking down, hunched over their smart devices, their necks contorted into unnatural postures while they scroll away, lost in the digital world on their phone screens. Considering how pervasive this scene… Read full article >
  • From an Idea to a Complete Ecosystem - Plano was developed with a clear purpose; to save sight and empower lives. With a culture of disruptive thinking grounded in real scientific research Read full article >

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