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  • Here’s how your Kids’ Screen Time can Damage their Health - The battle against the pandemic rages on. People across the globe in the thick of the stay home measures are seeing much of their lives migrating to the online world. A rise in screen time for both children and adults is the new way of life and is arguably an unavoidable consequence of our lifestyle… Read full article >
  • Are Apps Transforming The way We Manage global Epidemics? - With more than 4 billion smartphones in use around the world, all with the potential to house apps that can help to monitor and manage public health crises, it is clear that they are the wave of the future of epidemic control. With just one recorded case of community transmission of unknown origin on Tuesday,… Read full article >
  • Tech-Savvy or Tech-Dependent: Which one are you? - Our widespread adoption of technology may have fooled us into thinking we are tech-savvy. The truth is, most of us are so dependent on our smart devices that it is costing us our health and productivity. For most of us, technology has become a prerequisite for our daily lives to run smoothly, and nothing has… Read full article >
  • 3 Ways to Balance your Child’s Home-Based-Learning (HBL) and Screen Time - These days, back to school means Home-based-learning (HBL). For parents, part of conquering this new territory should also entail effectively managing children’s screen time. Last Wednesday, the Singapore Government kickstarted a month-long Home-Based-Learning (HBL) exercise as part of its measures to curb the spread of Covid-19. Like Singapore, nations worldwide have implemented new HBL measures,… Read full article >
  • 3 Ways to Cope with the Biggest Challenges of your Work-From-Home Routine - Work looks a little different these days. Navigating your new remote life is not without its challenges. How do you make work-from-home work for you? The new normal: You no longer have to put up with long, dreary commutes. You do not have to stay cooped up, working behind your designated desk in your stuffy… Read full article >
  • 3 Ways Eye Strain is Taking a Toll on your Kids and What You Can Do About It - As your kids spend more time on their phones these days, you may start noticing more complaints of ‘itchy’ eyes and headaches. They may be victims of digital eye strain, one of the many consequences of their unhealthy tech habits. Eye strain is particularly tough on our children’s still-developing eyes. On top of headaches and… Read full article >
  • How to Deal with your Child’s Excessive Screen Time during COVID-19 - As the world assimilates to the new normal – work-from-home mandates, school closures and quarantines – parents worldwide are confronted with the reality of spending 24 hours a day with their new co-worker and the accompanying question: “How do I occupy my child’s time?” A sizeable increase in screen time This transition spells a significant… Read full article >
  • COVID-19: 5 Powerful Tips when Working from Home - In the last few weeks, the world has seen many changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic - countries worldwide have implemented public health interventions including social distancing, self-isolations, lockdowns and mass quarantines, to name a few.  Companies across industries are rolling out mandatory remote work policies and millions of people the world over are… Read full article >

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