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  • My First Child: The First Experiment - It is easy to forget how difficult being a new parent is. Not only are you moving through parenthood with barely any prior experiences to go off of, you also have to work with your partner to figure out your parenting style. The feeling of not knowing what you are doing and that your first… Read full article >
  • Being a Double Parent – My Journey as a Single Mom - Hello everyone! I am Michelle and I am a single mum to a 3 and 4-year old daughter. Besides being a mother, which is one of my most fulfilling roles, like most other parents, I wear many hats in my everyday life; I am a Catwalk & Public Speaking Coach, Babywearing Fitting Specialist, Marketing Executive,… Read full article >
  • Plano’s Clear Vision Recipe - Myopia, device dependency, gaming addiction, cyberbullying and lack of outdoor activity are just some of the serious consequences resulting from the ever-increasing reliance of children on digital technology. Addressing these problems entails raising awareness about the pitfalls of excessive device use and empowering children with the knowledge on how to develop responsible relationships with technology.… Read full article >
  • Our Unconventional Answer to Excessive Screen Time and Myopia: A Mobile Application - Myopia is the leading cause of visual impairment in children and excessive near work is one of the most important environmental risk factors for the onset and progression of myopia. In this technology-dependent age, screen-based activities constitute a new form of near-work. As the age at which our children are exposed to smartphones and tablets… Read full article >
  • Education and Awareness Begin at an Early Age - Early intervention is critical for slowing the progression of myopia and protecting our children from the risks of developing blinding eye diseases associated with high myopia. Here at Plano, we recognise that an important aspect of early intervention is education. The challenge for us is to find ways to go about educating children in a… Read full article >
  • Is Big Data the Answer to Improving Eye Care Utilisation in Children Worldwide? - Last month, our Head of Research at Plano, Dr Joshua Foreman, had planned to give an oral presentation on some of Plano’s research activities at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, or ARVO, in Baltimore in the U.S., which is a major global conference where eye health experts meet… Read full article >
  • The 3 Pillars of Entrepreneurship - When I first began my entrepreneurial journey at Plano 3 years ago, I realized one thing pretty quickly. It isn’t enough to have a good idea. True success lies in being able to execute your idea and turn it into a living, breathing and thriving company. The business world is a competitive and cutthroat one,… Read full article >
  • Telemedicine: The Future of Eye Care? - Covid19 has accelerated many technology trends, including telehealth. What does this mean for the world of eye health service delivery? With the explosion of mobile technology, major changes are underway in the way that healthcare services are delivered to patients. Innovation in telemedicine has seen more and more healthcare providers, from psychiatrists to ophthalmologists, consulting… Read full article >
  • Policing vs Empowering: Managing your Kids’ Screen Time - These days, ‘switching off’ from our digital devices seems more challenging than ever as we remain holed up in our homes, with huge chunks of our lives migrating to our screens. For parents across the globe, managing their children’s screen time during the stay home measures is just another stressor they have to deal with… Read full article >
  • The 3 Lessons I have Learnt from the Stay Home Measures - The pivot to the new way of life has not been easy, but the takeaways during this stay home period have been truly transformative. With the daily number of new community cases dropping significantly, Singapore is gearing up to cautiously lift its circuit breaker measures over three phases, starting from 2nd June 2020. The safe… Read full article >
  • An Eye Doctor’s Opinion: Dr Taji - I was 12 years old, squinting to read while in school, and not realizing I couldn’t see well because of a vision issue. My aunt, picking me up from school that day, peered into the classroom window and noticed me squinting and holding papers close to my face. She then insisted on a trip to… Read full article >
  • In Conversation with Optometrist, Dr Rashele Sharkey - As the war against the pandemic rages on, industries across the globe have had to pivot in response to the nation-wide lockdowns and restrictions, eye health included. What is in store for the world of eye care service delivery? We created this series to hear from the eye health professionals themselves. This week, we caught… Read full article >
  • CONVERSATIONS WITH… An Optometrist - This vision care specialist describes what she does and why it’s important to take your toddler for an eye check! Read full article >

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