Are iPhone Monitoring Apps Your New Digital Parenting Best Friend?


Your kids have gone digital, you’ve gone digital, your parenting friend has also gone digital. Enter your next best parenting friend – the prime iPhone monitoring apps!

Does your child like your new friend?

Children tend to exhibit shy behaviour when they meet new people. So what happens when you introduce your new digital friend to them? Obviously, they’ll be hesitant about the encounter. And when you tell them this new friend will be monitoring their smartphone-use? Immediate protestations: “No, I don’t want it!” or, “Delete it, delete it now, mum please!”

It’s unsurprising, really. Children want to be afforded privacy, and they should be. We adults want our privacy, so why can’t our children? In these situations, it’s important to let your child know it’s not that you want to pry into their lives. Rather, you just want them to use their phones more responsibly.

Introduce your new-found iPhone Monitoring app like you’re introducing an aunt or uncle. Let them know that just like cool Aunt Clara or Uncle Damien, the app isn’t there to limit their fun. They can continue to watch their favourite cartoons or play the latest iPhone game. However, aunts and uncles are always there to keep us in good step – They’re the ones we turn to when we need a lead defense against mum or dad, but they’re also the first ones to call us out when we make a mistake. They also tell mum or dad to go easy on us.

In the same vein, iPhone monitoring apps can help remind your child to put down their phones when the time is up. They can help you to set device-free timings so that your child can focus on other things besides their screens. iPhone monitoring apps like the plano app can do just that.

The plano app goes one step further – it puts your child’s eye health at the forefront. Plano reminds your child to place their phones at least 30cm away from their eyes, and to take an eye break every 30 minutes. Eye breaks and adequate distance between their eyes and the screens help to prevent eye conditions like myopia, from progressing.

Friends come and go, but parents always stay.

While iPhone monitoring tools are a great digital assistance, it’s important to remember that you are still the head honcho in charge. Downloading all the iPhone monitoring tools can prove to be helpful in one way, but you play the most pivotal role in your child’s life. One day, we want our children to be able to use their digital devices responsibly on their own. But before we expect them to, we ought to evaluate our own phone use.

If you want your child to keep the phone away and focus at dinner, make sure you do that too. If you want your child to limit their time on their phones, make sure you do that too. If you want your child to stop mindlessly scrolling through social media – yes, you guessed it – make sure you do that too. Remember, at the end of the day, you are your child’s role model. 

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