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plano, more than 20.20.

plano was developed with a clear purpose; to save sight and empower lives.

1.5 billion people across the world currently suffer from myopia (short-sightedness). This number is expected to rise exponentially to 5 billion people by 2050, 1 billion of whom will develop high myopia which often leads to blinding eye conditions and reduced quality of life.

The correlation of the onset of myopia with the rapid increase in excessive smart device use in children worldwide, is not the only adverse effect resulting from the shift in our lifestyle habits concurrent with an increasingly digitised world. The World Health Organisation (WHO) have officially classified internet addiction syndrome and gaming addiction as mental health conditions.

With a culture of disruptive thinking grounded in real scientific research, plano promotes the use of innovative technology to provide a solution to help mitigate the public health, societal and economic issues posed by these growing global trends.

The plano app is the first of its kind to provide a suite of child safety functions, while using science-based features to help modify behaviour in children to reduce myopia related risk factors and empower healthier device usage.

The innovative app comprises of carefully developed smart features empowering users to manage their children’s time spent on devices, correct face-to-screen-distance, good eye care habits, and device-free outdoor activity.

plano first launched in Singapore in 2017, where they have already generated over 500,000 downloads, established broad industry collaborations and partnered with Singapore’s Health Promotion Board, to drive awareness and education to over 320,000 Singaporean children in the next 12 months.

plano’s founding Managing Director Dr. Mo Dirani has dedicated his life to the study and research of myopia, and is an honorary Principal Investigator at the Singapore Eye Research Institute.

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