6 Educational Game Apps for your Child to Learn as They Play


In the last decade, technology has drastically transformed our lifestyle, the way we do business and in every other field. The education industry is no exception! The flooding of app stores with interesting educational games apps for kids of all ages make them easily accessible. Apps are even developed with the guidance of education specialists and growth experts who help develop the child’s brain, improve motor skills and problem-solving skills.

Let’s check out some of the top educational games apps that your kids can enjoy and benefit from:

1. ClassDojo

This app comes under the category of virtual classroom learning apps. It is an interactive app allowing students, teachers, and parents to communicate easily. Kids find it helpful to reach out to their teachers regarding assignments or school work and parents have a close watch over the kids to keep updated. Communication is smooth, and the student-teacher or the teacher-parent relationship is excellent. The purpose of this app is to help kids to learn and develop the required skills in a healthy way.

2. DragonBox

Loaded with fun games and activities, this app teaches fundamental math. Against all beliefs that math is boring, this app makes it interesting and fun all the way! The DragonBox series consists of 5 learning apps which includes algebra, geometry, and general math. Parents should try to involve their children in learning math while they are young. Learning the simple concepts of mathematics at a young age encourages the child to explore more and master math easily.

3. Duolingo

Duolingo app is a fun way your child can learn a language. This application gives you the option of choosing any language you want your child to learn. It offers kids an array of languages which include English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish and more. It’s a game where parents and kids can interact, laugh, talk and have fun while learning languages.

4. Science360

This educational app built for the tablet showcases videos and information on advanced science, engineering, and updated technologies. Science360 is created by the National Science Foundation, and the content source is from scientists and experts from leading universities in the world. The content is regularly updated, authentic and of high-quality. Kids love to explore this app as the images are in 3D from every angle.

5. My Molecularium

The fun application for high school students designed to educate and at the same time entertain them with interesting information, specifically, core concepts of chemistry. The app was created with a focus on students to learn and study with a fresh mind. You can learn chemical formulas, skeletal formulas and molecular structures on the interactive app.

6. plano

plano is a powerful Child Device Management and Parental Lock App designed to help manage smart devices usage in kids.

The plano app also has built-in, educational games for your kids. There are a memory game and recognition game that help the child sharpen his memory and recognition skills.

Mobile apps offer innumerable benefits to develop the overall skills of the kids. As children are drawn to the mobile phone all the time, we might as well introduce them to effective educational apps to learn and develop their skills through mobile usage. Just remember to always practice healthy device habits when you or your kids are using them.

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