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An empowering app that allows you to manage your kid’s device use with a range of smart functions. Watch a quick video to see how easy it is to use.

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plano® mobile app

plano® has a number of functions to ensure safe and healthy smart device use in kids, with key features supported by evidence based science.

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How it helps parents

Manage their time on devices

plano® automatically tracks device use and rewards kids for getting in the habit of a good balance between device time, recreational activities and homework time.

Control when and where they use them

plano® lets you schedule no-device use times like ‘homework’ or ‘dinner’ or ‘sleep’ and creates safe zones such that they only use the device in specifically set areas.

Manage what content they can view

plano® lets you block the apps and browsers as you see fit, so no more looking over their shoulder!

Keep their eyes at a good distance

plano® uses facial recognition to detect how far your child’s eyes are from the device and gets them into the habit of holding the device at the correct distance.

Your Child’s Progress

plano® will generate easy to read feedback and on your child’s progress activities.

What's in it for the kids?

plano® isn’t just another parental management tool. We want to motivate your kids to get into good device habits without being constantly told.

Kids earn plano® points for good device use which can be used to redeem items from the plano® shop with your permission. plano® will also generate a list of child safe games, while ensuring that they don’t exceed smart device usage time.

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